Controlling your diet for the first time.

If you have never controlled your diet before, don’t fall into the trap of starving yourself to lose weight. This will cause muscle wastage and will increase your body fat stores. Instead you should eat better quality of foods, providing more good quality nutrients with less empty calories. It’s important to keep quality protein consumption high to maintain muscle mass, enough Un-processed fat to maintain health and help with mineral absorbtion. Finally, in most cases, reduce carbohydrate consumption and insure they are unrefined. Changes like these make a big difference to your body composition. 

When I first made these changes to my diet my days eating looked like this:

Breakfast: porridge with blueberries and cinnamon. 

Preworkout snack: an apple

Postworkout snack: a banana and whey protein.

Lunch: roasted/baked meat or fish with sweet potato/ brown rice and vegetables.

Evening meal: roasted/baked meat or fish with boiled eggs and salad.

Supper: raw nuts and whey protein.

Since then I have altered a few things but changing to this eating pattern with my training, made me lose 12kgs (2st) in 2 months while rapidly gaining strength. This was an easy meal plan to stick and made a big difference, but there us always room for improvement. The most important thing is to keep making little positive changes when progress slows just to keep improving. 

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BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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