5 bad habits to avoid in the gym

1) Being inconsistent with your gym attendence.

If you go 5x per week and only once the week after you will not hit sufficient volume of training in the 2nd week to continue your progress. Training 3 times each week would be more effective. You can’t follow a good gym programme if you can’t consistently train enough times per week. Progress takes time and effort.

2) Being random

If you go in without a plan, you will not train your body evenly or effectively. It’s best to split up your body parts or plan your exercises to cover the whole body in preportion. For example, if you don’t balance you pulls and presses you will end up with bad shoulder posture.

3) Don’t skip leg day.

You don’t want to look like Jonny Bravo do you? Men a the worst offenders on this one. Having said that many women avoid upper body or weights all together.

4) Avoiding weights/resistance training out of fear of getting bulky?

This tends to only apply to women. Women contain far too much estrogen and far too little testosterone to build large amounts of muscle.

4) Not resting sufficiently

You can in theory train as many times per week as you want, but you need good quality rest between sessions. Action e recovery is a useful tool when you become more advanced. Hard work is still the key bit full recovery between workouts is a must.

5) Using just cardio to burn fat

If you don’t at least work to maintain your muscle mass, you will struggle to burn fat. It’s best to do weights before cardiovascular as you will burn more fat. Make the strength work the priority and use less but more intense cardiovascular to finish off. 2 hours of steady state cardio on a crosstrainer is the biggest waste of time in a gym, watch the people who just do this, their bodies never change. To force a change on your body it takes consistent hard work.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find these tips useful.


About garethcloughpt

BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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