Training Splits

I’m restarting regular blogs to give an insight into my views on training as well as my experiences.

This blog is my take on training splits. What muscle groups to train when. There is no golden ticket and it’s not compulsory to train chest on a Monday. The split that is best for you is dependant on your goals and number of training days.

When I was playing rugby on Saturdays, I did my weights Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Lower body strength, upper body strength and full body power. I found this ideal for a weekly peak on a Saturday and found consistent improvement in functional strength.

Now I focus purely on the gym I train Sunday to Friday. I have a body builder split on  my weights and finish with conditioning and/or cardio. Shoulders, legs and core, back, chest, legs and core and arms. I aim to achieve a mixture of muscle growth, fat loss and strength gains.

I now like to use a variety of methods of training as it gives me many ideas to plan good, varied sessions for my clients in the gym. When I have a more specific goal to work towards I will have a more specific split.

When chosen your own split, make sure you bear in mind, your daily routine. This will determine how much gym work your body can cope with. Make sure you allow each muscle group 2 days of recovery before training again. Make sure all of your body is trained evenly and in proportion, weak areas may need extra training volume. It is also very important to ensure your diet is good and you get enough rest.

For further advice contact me via social media and I will see how I can help.


About garethcloughpt

BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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