Pre-season testing and training

7th January is preseason testing

Tests included will be 1RM: back squat, deadlift, pushpress and benchpress. Max pull ups/ chins. Set of 6 10m shuttles. Body mass and sum of 4 skinfolds

Mondays will be strength and power and thursdays will be conditioning.

Strength and power

These sessions will include the following


4×4 squats with 6 box jumps

4×4 deadlifts with 6 depth jumps

4×4 per leg bulgarian split squats with 6 plyo lunges per leg

4×4 push press with 4 pull ups (loaded if needed to be in correct rep range)

4×4 bench press with single arm row 4 on each arm

4×15 high rows/facepull with 10-15 release pressups


These will either be outside or in the void.

These contain mainly bodyweight exercises, variations of shuttles, hill sprints, tyre flips and sled work, pair work for example piggy backs.

The pre season tests will be repeated before ball work is introduced to training.

Hope to see you all in the new year to get some good S and C work done.


About garethcloughpt

BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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