What grinds my gears- rant 2- Fad diet shakes and those who promote them.

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you may be already aware of my opinions of companies such as juice plus and herbalife. They are in popular use by people attempting weight-loss looking for a quick fix. There are a number of issues with the way it is distributed and marketed, as well as nutritional issues around consumption of one of these products.

I myself have been approached by promoters of herbalife, juice plus and vi three major companies. One thing all these have in common is a pyramid selling scheme which all of them, of course deny. A big company gives a tiny share of profit for people making their friends take the substance and so on. I don’t profess to be an expert in business but even I know that as a system is dodgy, oooohh take this and make you friends buy some too and we might give you a few quid.

There is also the way they just message people pretending they want to help, when they should just be honest and say they are after your money. 

Now the nutritional aspect of things; they claim their substance is healthier than food; which all companies mentioned in this blog have. How could denatured nutrients in a powder possibly be better for you than real food. Denatured nutrients aren’t properly absorbed by the body, so in effect the weight loss is caused by minor starvation. Human digestive systems are designed to digest solids, otherwise we wouldn’t teeth or intestines, as well other organs. Our digestive system would be just mouth, stomach bladder. 

As for how the promoters of these fads go about trying to prove their substances work is just laughable. I have asked promoters of all 3 companies to provide me of unbiased scientific evidence that their product works. I have asked for it in the form of a peer reviewed journal. If a read in a variety of peer reviewed journals, that where funded independently, that the products where effective and had no negative side effects my opinion would change.

I have been waiting nearly a year for VI to send me write ups of their scientific trails, which would prove that their product is effective, but either they are too busy pyramid selling to get back to me or there is no science behind what they do.

Herbalife promoters think that paying a lot of money to Christiano Ronaldo to pose in front of the camera with a tub is scientific evidence, which amuses me. first of all that guy is so vain he just wants to be photographed and secondly a club the size of Real Madrid will hire a quality dietitian, who wouldn’t let one of the players put that muck in his body.

I saw a friend of mine tagged in a photo for a juice plus advert. I then asked if there was any scientific evidence, she said yes 32 studies. But when I asked if she had copies and who funded the research she blocked me. Which suggests to me, 1 she doesn’t understand science, 2 she doesn’t want the general public to be aware of my more than reasonable doubts.

The other night I had a very long discussion. Which started with a juice plus promoter asking if I was interested. I told him I wasn’t interested because it was a fad and pyramid selling. He immediately denied it was pyramid selling and claimed his product was the most scientifically proven on the market. Considering I spend half an evening and several tweets trying to explain to his simple fad dealing mind what a peer reviewed journal is it became clear that the kind of guy who’s idea of scientific evidence is a mixture of youtube videos, photos of fat and thin people and a couple of testimonies from people with no nutritional education at all, is probably someone you don’t take diet advice from.

As much as I despise the companies and the people who sell this stuff, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for some of these morons. One thing this guy said was “I was warned about people like you, not to let your negativity get me down” which translates roughly into “I was told not to talk to educated people because their realism and scientific ways of thinking will stop you from buying into our fad selling pyramid scheme.”

I have yet to hear of a promoter of one of these fad diet shakes who has any nutrition education or any other scientific discipline for that matter, which tells it’s own story.

Until next my blog eat healthily and train smart. Leave the fads for the fools… Hope you enjoyed this rant.


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BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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