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While working in the fitness industry while studying there has been countless occasions where I have seen and heard ridiculous ideas and concepts being applied to training. I have heard all sorts of nonsense on the gym floor and read even more nonsense on the internet. This isn’t just people who have just started training, it is fitness professionals and even people teaching fitness professionals in some cases. It appears image is valued over intellect and the loudest voice is often believed. when I see or hear people promoting nonsense and people buying into it, in the wise or not so wise words of Peter Griffin “that really grinds my gears”

The first thing that grinds my gears is when, people say you have to keep your body guessing and your training should be random. People who say this are completely unaware that periodisation exists never mind have any idea how to implement it in a training programme. People who say this never know a good reason why they do it, most of them lack the imagination to even make one up, they may cop out with a cliche like it just works I don’t know why. I suggest you ditch your gym partner if that’s how they roll and chase your gains with somebody who knows what they are doing.

Until next time train safe and train smart…


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BSc Sports Science and Coaching. MSc Sports Performance. Personal Trainer and Youtuber. Strength and Conditioning enthusiast.
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